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Over 1,000 Visits Yesterday

The Soaring Cafe broke 1,000 visits for a single day yesterday. The site is more than exceeding our expectations and we want to thank everyone who has stopped by to take a look and read an article — “Thank you!” We hear from people every day telling us how much they like the site and encouraging…

Blogging the SSA Conference

On Thursday, Bill and I are heading north for the winter! Well, three days of winter. We’ll be in Philadelphia attending the 2011 Soaring Society of America Conference. Unlike a typical SSA convention, there will be no exhibitors at the conference, but that’s about the only difference so far as I can tell from the published program. The conference organizers have lined up what looks like a great selection of speakers who will dissert on a wide variety of topics.

Santa Ynez Wave in Winter

[Editor’s Note: We ran across this interesting blog post by Morgan Hall] Sunday [Jan 16th, 2011] I had the opportunity to taste a new variation of that day.  The RASPs were forecasting strong N winds up high and predicting wave in the Santa Ynez area with wave bars off the Sierra Madre as well as down near Pine…

Up the Learning Curve

For Bill and me, the first two weeks of the New Year have flown by in a whirlwind of work, flying, family, and. . .getting SoaringCafe off the ground. Like many new ventures, it’s been a lot of fun mixed in with the occasional frustration. Speaking of the latter, we spent the past week struggling…

Think Your Club has Blanik L-13 Troubles?

We received this YouTube link the other day.  Wow! Nine L-13’s on tow.  Amazing video.  I would hate to be the club that owns these trying to sort out the AD issue. I did fly behind one of these tow planes in Szeged, Hungary at the 2010 WGC last summer — quite a ride.

VI. New Classes

We not only have two new race formats, we have an abundance of new classes. 1. Handicapped racing One of the biggest innovations of the last 25 years has been the introduction of handicapped racing. As in all other sports that have handicapped racing, such as sailing, there’s a lot of whining over the winter…

The ClearNav Vario

Richard Kellerman now has working prototypes of the long awaited ClearNav (CN) vario. The new vario will be tested during our winter by pilots flying in South Africa and Australia.  Up to now, the ClearNav flight computer has worked only with the Cambridge 302 vario.  The new CN vario will take over that task, and also will work with…

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