A Memorable Flight

Tell us about a memorable flight. Was it your first flight or your last? Your most recent or years ago? Was it something great or not so great that made it so memorable? Whatever your story is, we want to hear it—and so do your fellow Soaring Café readers. Our favorite subject is soaring, so let’s hear it! The more members who share, the more interesting content you’ll have to read. Everyone has a great story, and we want to hear yours.

Sharing your story is easy.  Write your story using MS Word or a simple text editor.  Insert any photos or make a notation in the text where you want the image to go.  Be sure to provide a caption.  Next, add you images to a .ZIP file.  Finally fill out the form below and upload the MS Word file and the .ZIP file.  After you click Submit, an email will be sent to us with all of the information.  Also, please add biographical information about yourself.

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