What is Soaring?

Soaring is a wonderful sport that allows pilots to fly aircraft without engines and stay aloft for hours at a time.  We call these aircraft gliders or sailplanes.  Sailplane pilots can fly long cross-country flights often covering several hundred kilometers and returning to the point they started from.

There are many websites that discuss soaring; however, we felt it would be appropriate for the Cafe to provide some information about our incredible sport too.  The video below is a good overall history of gliding and describes well just what soaring is all about.  It is a good start for someone to gain an initial understanding of what the Cafe members are talking about.

We will be collecting and developing information to further develop the Cafe's What is Soaring? content.

If you are a Cafe member and have some ideas for adding to or improving these pages, please contact us so we can improve these pages.

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  1. John Deans
    May 4, 2017 at 10:45 am

    WOW! Enjoyed the video greatly. Thank you ( from us all newcomers) for all the hard work putting it together!

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