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Lesce/Bled Slovenia

Another great soaring site is in Lesce/Bled Slovenia. (The Condor fliers are familiar with that site). It provides for great alpine soaring. WSPA had its 2009 Seminar there, the first ever held outside the US. 21 of the 48 participants came from the US. http://www.photoshow.com/watch/fu8Uj8jJ Check out Frauke’s other post with a slideshow here.

Air Sailing Gliderport

Air Sailing, north of Reno, NV is a great soaring site. Last year we had the WSPA seminar there and had some fantastic flights. It was one of the biggest seminars ever with 65 registered participants.

Ritt auf der “Jahrhundertwelle”

Last weekend (Feb 5th and Feb 6th 2011) we had the strongest mountain
wave ever experienced in the Rhine valley. Altitudes reached were FL240 – not too shabby for mountains that are
only 1.500 ft high in average, isn’t it?

SSA Conference Blog – Saturday

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, but chilly nonetheless. There’s a huge pile of snow just outside the hotel entrance. It’s been there since Wednesday and it’s not getting any smaller! I started the day with the Governors, Chapters, and Clubs breakfast. There was no formal program for the breakfast, but I enjoyed a pleasant visit…

SSA Conference Blog – Friday

The first event on today’s personal agenda was the Competition Pilots’ breakfast, moderated by U.S. Contest Committee Chair Ken Sorenson. Ken presented a summary of last year’s U.S. regional and national contest participation by class as well as changes to the 2011 contest rules proposed to the SSA Board by the Rules Committee. Last year,…

US Contest Scoring Analysis

This analysis of U.S. contest scoring algorithms was motivated because I fly a lot of regional and national contests, and I often was in the position of not believing the scores posted on the day’s score sheet.  However, each time I tried to do a simple calculation to check the scores, I quickly got lost…

SSA Conference Blog – Thursday

Friends, it’s been a looonnnnggg day for Bill and me. We left home this morning at 6:10 enroute to Philadelphia via Charlotte, NC. We were delayed four hours in Charlotte while ground crews in Philly worked furiously to remove the 15″ of snow that fell on the city Wednesday night. But it wasn’t all bad.…