Santa Ynez Wave in Winter

Photo by Morgan Hall

[Editor’s Note: We ran across this interesting blog post by Morgan Hall]

Sunday [Jan 16th, 2011] I had the opportunity to taste a new variation of that day.  The RASPs were forecasting strong N winds up high and predicting wave in the Santa Ynez area with wave bars off the Sierra Madre as well as down near Pine and out towards the Grapevine …

I got a bit later start than I should have, but got the Duo rigged at Santa Ynez by about 12:30.  Unfortunately we decided to push out for our tow when the operators had left for lunch.  Then when they got back, they had a commercial ride to give.  So it was after 1:30 before we actually got in the air.  I flew with a Santa Barbara pilot that was out of BFR and therefore couldn’t fly in his own plane.  It was good for me to have someone with some experience in the wave in that area to point out landmarks and usual good spots.  I’m familiar with the Cuyama valley, but this was a new view on things.

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