The ClearNav Vario

ClearNav Vario

Richard Kellerman now has working prototypes of the long awaited ClearNav (CN) vario. The new vario will be tested during our winter by pilots flying in South Africa and Australia.  Up to now, the ClearNav flight computer has worked only with the Cambridge 302 vario.  The new CN vario will take over that task, and also will work with other flight computers (just like the 302 does).  The new vario will be in two units. The vario sensors and most of the processing power will be in a formed aluminum enclosure.  The display will be in a separate injection molded plastic enclosure.  A cable will connect the two units, which need not be mounted together.

The CN team previously developed the Cambridge 302 vario.  The CN vario includes hardware like that promised for the 302, but never included (or never supported) in that vario due to the sale of the Cambridge company.  This hardware includes a three-axis accelerometer, a two-axis rate sensor, and a three-axis magnetometer.
The new CN vario is promised for delivery before the upcoming soaring season. Early pricing is pegged around $1100, but could well change.
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