SSA 2012—Long Cross Country Flights in Wave

Thanks to Jim Payne for providing his SSA 2012 presentation for publication in the Café—Ed.

Jim has compiled a truly extraordinary record of achievement in soaring. He is the recipient of many SSA awards, including, in 2003, the Warren E. Eaton Trophy, which is the SSA's highest award, and, in 2001, the FAI Lilienthal Medal—the pinnacle of awards in the sport of soaring. In 2008, Jim was inducted into the U. S. Soaring Hall of Fame.

Jim has served as U. S. Team Captain in five World Gliding Championships and on the SSA Board of Directors as Director for Region 12 (Southern California). He and his wife, Jackie received the SSA Exceptional Service Award on at least two occasions.

Since 1984, Jim has set over  70 U.S. national records, and 13 world records. In 2009 alone, he set eight U. S. and world records in the ultralight glider class. Those record flights were made in the SparrowHawk, designed and manufactured in the U. S. by Windward Performance of Bend, Oregon.

US General Free Triangle Distance 329.41mi 6/28/2009
US General Triangle Distance 315.21mi 6/28/2009
US General Triangle Speed 500km 64.19mph 6/28/2009
US General Triangle Speed 100km 71.18mph 6/27/2009
US General Free Out and Return Dist. 392.914mi 5/17/2009
US General Out and Return Distance 386.77mi 5/17/2009
US General Out & Return Speed 500km 57.1322mph 5/17/2009
US General Free 3-Turnpoint Distance 612.6641mi 4/24/2009

Jim has been a formidable competitor in the Aerokurier Online Contest (OLC). He ranked first in the U. S. in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and 2nd in 2010 and 2011. In 2008, he won the worldwide OLC and placed 2nd  and 3rd in the world OLC competition in 2009 and 2011, respectively. He has been world champion in the OLC speed competition in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011.

SSA 2012—Gordon Boettger and Jim Payne_2nd and 3rd in world OLC ranking

Few pilots in the world are as experienced as Jim in flying the Sierra mountain wave. In his presentation, Jim describes the hazards of long wave flights, the equipment needed to make these flights safely, and how to adequately prepare for and plan long flights in the Sierra wave. He also recounts several of his many successful flights.