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Great Wave Flight at Williams with Kempton Izuno

I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced an incredible wave flight with Kempton Izuno on Sunday, September 29, at Williams, CA. We flew from Williams Soaring Center, located in the Sacramento Valley, in his ASH-25 (FNX). The flight was 8.6 hours in duration and we covered 859 km (second longest distance only to Jim…

A Magical Wave Flight

I had a second magical wave flight with Jim Payne at Minden within a week, the first last Tuesday (September 24) and the second Sunday, September 29. This second one exceeded both of our expectations, resulting in the longest distance flown in the U.S. in the OLC (“On-Line Contest” for non-soaring friends) for the 2012-13 competition year: 1,681.7 km (1,044.96 miles).

SSA 2012—Long Cross Country Flights in Wave

Few pilots in the world are as experienced as Jim in flying the Sierra mountain wave. In his presentation, Jim describes the hazards of long wave flights, the equipment needed to make these flights safely, and how to adequately prepare for and plan long flights in the Sierra wave. He also recounts several of his many successful flights.