212 pictures of the Vintage Happening in Arnborg.


As a die-hard glider pilot, you surely read the story about the VGC Rally in Arnborg [Denmark] by Bill Batesole and shared by Elke in the CAFE.  It turned out as I heard,  to be a fantastic event,  a huge happening with 420 people sitting for dinner on the Danish evening and lots of spectacular…

League Season 2014 – German and American Results

Moriarty's pilots discuss the day

If you know about this kind of race already, you can skip this first paragraph and jump down to make out the results. If not, here’s a quick explanation of the League idea: OLC’s League was invented as an opportunity for clubs to score speed-points during the Northern summer months and enjoy some soaring together…

Flying the HP-24

Flying the HP-24 image 2

The Tetra-15 is the first glider built as part of the HP-24 project. Brad Hill was the builder. Brad has a good track record of building gliders. He has also built a Russia and an Apis. The first flight of the Tetra was in January of 2012. Since then Brad has put around 500 hours…

Probably A Stupid Idea!

High altitude Kranich III

Monday evening, 6pm. It’s August and central Germany is experiencing rain and cold temperatures for around a week already. I guess autumn is coming early this year. I just returned from my summer vacation in Savoy/France the Sunday before (I’ve been hiking) and my dirty laundry is piling up in front of me. Actually I wanted to…

Other News

Farewell to Frank Paynter (TA)

Frank (TA) Paynter

I am very saddened to learn that my friend and mentor Frank Paynter (TA), a long time Soaring Cafe contributor and racing enthusiast has been dealt the terminating blow from the SSA. Their decision from Frank’s email to me summarized is: No contests the rest of this year, no Seniors, no Perry, and no Nationals next year, anything past…