Women pilots


I confess that when I was a beginner I was a bit afraid of my application to the aeroclub. No surprise–there were not any women pilots. It was not easy to fight against stereotypes: men tend to believe that women just want to find a boyfriend or they think that a woman pilot cannot have a successful career. So…



With the tragic end of flight MH 17 from Malaysia Airlines above the East of the Ukraine, EVERYTHING seems unimportant. I started this blog a couple of days ago, when the beginning of the 33d WGC was one of the high leveled items for this blog. Now it is all totally unimportant, totally not relevant!!!…

Other News

Farewell to Frank Paynter (TA)

Frank (TA) Paynter

I am very saddened to learn that my friend and mentor Frank Paynter (TA), a long time Soaring Cafe contributor and racing enthusiast has been dealt the terminating blow from the SSA. Their decision from Frank’s email to me summarized is: No contests the rest of this year, no Seniors, no Perry, and no Nationals next year, anything past…

Hot News from Lithuania – LAK-17B-FES-21M

LAK's 21 meter glider

May 2014 obviously was the month of European maiden flights: On May 30th, the day when Sunseeker Duo first launched in Italy, and just 24 hours before Schleicher rolled out their ASG 32 Mi, another new (powered) glider was introduced to the European skies: In Pociunai, Lithuania the 21 meter wingspan modification of a LAK-17B-FES…