A new Standard Class World Champion 2014

Bert Schmelzer

Bert, you are the first Belgian glider pilot ever to become a World Champion. What a feeling?! Even three weeks after the competition is over, it is still difficult to realize what it exactly means to be World Champion, but I can tell you that crossing the finish line on the last day of a…

Klaus Ohlmann flies 7 World Records with e-Genius

e-Genius at work

The electric two-seater e-Genius just spent a week in Serres (France) a location which is also known as Klaus Ohlmann’s home airfield. Further evaluation and – if possible – some records were on the to-do-list. Seven records were achieved! As you might remember from former Soaring Café articles the electric glider e-Genius was built by…

Other News

Farewell to Frank Paynter (TA)

Frank (TA) Paynter

I am very saddened to learn that my friend and mentor Frank Paynter (TA), a long time Soaring Cafe contributor and racing enthusiast has been dealt the terminating blow from the SSA. Their decision from Frank’s email to me summarized is: No contests the rest of this year, no Seniors, no Perry, and no Nationals next year, anything past…