MILVUS… functional clothes specially designed for gliding!


About 2 years ago , Swiss glider pilot Daniel Baumli, was frustrated with the clothes he was wearing in his glider.He thought this should/could be better. Now in November he had the WORLD premiere with his stand MILVUS at the Swiss Gliding Conference in Grenchen and from now on the clothes are for sale. Here…

Goonidiwindi;Aboriginal name for “resting place of the birds”.

ZZZZZ Goondi

The name Goondiwindi derives from an Aboriginal word ,meaning “the resting place of the birds”. Last 2 weeks they had BIG birds in Goondiwindi, as Gliding Queensland was this years proud host of the Sport Class and Club Class Nationals there.A little town , about 345 km. SW of Brisbane, with less than 6000 inhabitants welcomed…

Lights out! Spot on! The flying musicians from Stoelln!

The founding fathers: Kili, Roland and Benny (l.t.r)

Note: The entire interview in German can be found HERE! The following interview has been roughly translated into English to preserve the meaning of the artists. A little thing, which first started off as a little joke on Stoelln airfield (Brandenburg/Germany) has finally evolved into a truly serious hype throughout the German-speaking soaring community. What I am talking about is not some…

Other News

CloudStreet – Soaring the American West


Mike Abernathy sent us good news from New Mexico reporting “The new CloudStreet: Soaring the American West Trailer is now available! This trailer features the beautiful CloudStreet: Soaring the American West score. The program is expected to air on PBS in the US in spring, and will be available globally on iTunes and on DVD.”…

Ten DG-1001Club Trainers for Brazil

not yet the Brazilian design

After delivering their famous DG-1001Club to four different countries, DG Flugzeugbau has now signed another contract with a fifth country. In the near future the Brazilian Air Force will be instructing their cadets on DG trainers like for example the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs already does successfully. Here is DG Flugzeugbau’s official…