Live Tracking, Flight Analysis and Visualization App

gp-wA test version of the live tracking, flight analysis and visualization app is available at!

A few highlights of what’s new:

* Rich flight analysis and visualization
Upload your IGC flight tracks to re-play, analyze and view them in 2d and 3d, and to share them with others.

* High-resolution mobile tracking
Spectators can live-play and visualize your flights in real-time when you use GlideTrack mobile tracker.

* Social network for gliding
Share tracks, post comments, like / dislike flights, get notified when your friends fly.

As before, GlidePort requires a current version of the Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browser on desktop/laptop computers, it does not work with Windows Explorer.

Here is a short intro video:

Here is a longer video of a more in-depth demo:

Enjoy! Pedja

PS. Gliding software/hardware vendors are invited to integrate with! GlidePort provides an open API which allows any software to send live tracking data over mobile or satellite. The GlideTrack mobile tracker app is a simple example of how the API can be used. The API documentation and the GlideTrack source code are available at

PPS. The old version of GlidePort will continue to be available at for a short while longer until it is retired.


GlideTrack Mobile Tracker — Getting Started
1. If you do not have a GlidePort user account, create it by registering at

2. Install GlideTrack app from the AppStore on your iPhone:

3. Enter your email (your GlidePort user account) in the GlideTrack app.

4. Tap START prior to takeoff to start tracking; tap STOP when back on the ground.

For more info see