1104 km across the Wild West – MP chases for Records

MP, alias Mitch Polinsky, obviously enjoys another big summer in the Western US. Launching from Ely, Nevada on Friday, he flew a straight out task from Nevada across Utah and the South Eastern corner of Wyoming, kissing the Nebraska/Wyoming border to finally land at Torrington Municipal Airport where he probably had to wait a bit to be picked up. This time it was already his second flight from Ely into Wyoming during the past week. On Monday Mitch had tried a first record straight-out which ended in Riverton, WY. He was now lucky to have the Friday flight uploaded to OLC, as he met the official observer in time to have the first look into a probable new record for single seated motor gliders. Mitch logged the long run on GlidePort.aero, where the crew was allowed to follow him and watched what happened in 2 D. Unfortunately an altitude file is not available:

Mich Polinski flies from Ely, NV to Torrington, WY

Mitch Polinsky flies from Ely, NV to Torrington, WY

At first glance it looks like the distance for the whole flight should be a little more than 1,100 km, as the first leg going south for approximately 200 km adds to the straight line from Ely to Torrington? Unfortunately after a remote start near Alamo, NV, the first leg does not count. The flight trace might remind you of Gordon Boettger's long downwind runs during the wave season?

Mitch and "MP"

Mitch and "MP"

MP's speed during the task was approximately 153 km/h, helped by a strong tailwind, and Walt Rogers volunteered to help as meteorologist - both remind us of the past winter's long downwinds. Jackie Payne's e-mail reported that Mitch was flying in thermals, though. Plus he did not have permission to soar higher than 18.000 feet...

In 2013 Mitch already spent a big summer in Ely, NV, where he took advantage of the second season with his ASH 31Mi "MP" and flew six 1,000 km-triangles in a row. This year the professor of law from the Stanford University achieved another eight 1,000 km-flights (seven of them in July). With six flights scoring more than 1,000 OLC-points he is currently listed second in the US-OLC Plus scores, ~1,400 points less than his Minden soaring buddy Jim Payne. Worldwide he is the "lucky" No. 13.

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