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WGC 2010, Part 3

Uys continues… Contest Day 5: Crews and pilots woke up on Day 5, still very tired.  Ronald and AP, the JS technical support and crew members, prohibited the pilots from getting up early to help with the rigging.  When Attie and I eventually arrived for briefing, both gliders were rigged, ballasted and ready to be…

WGC 2010, Part 2

Uys continues… Contest Day 1: Finally Day 1 arrived for the 18m Class.  It was a 337 km polygon with 5 waypoints. John Coutts, Attie and I started together at 14:24.  (Couttsie was an integral part of the Team JS.  He might be a Kiwi but we regard him as an honorary South African.  With…

WGC 2010, Part 1

This personal account from Uys and Attie Jonker brings a unique and interesting perspective to the challenges of the 2010 World Gliding Championships.