Being on the highest spot, that’s what it is all about on the end of a WGC!

Z WK Antti and Nikke  Z WK Antti en Nikke 2

Looking back at the 33d WGC is a pleasure. You see how quickly the bad weather and 7 non-flying-days are forgotten.It all ended in hurray-mood. Great winners in each class, I guess they had a soar head at the prize-giving this morning.
For the first time in history Belgium has a WORLD CHAMPION in gliding. Bert who lives with his partner Barbara in Zurich, where he works as an architect , saw his dream come true! The excellent co-operation with brother Tijl and with mum Hilde who was the TC , Barbara his crew and  dad Bert sr. also crew, finished in a GOLDEN medal.This clearly was a team effort! An effort already going on since the boys were small and "lived" in the weekends and holidays at the airfield of Keiheuvel and accompanied their parents to comps as dad liked competition soaring as well. Mum flies too, now mostly in the back with dad.Now the parents accompany their "kids".
They eat, drink and breeze gliding and are the loveliest people in the world.
The members from Keiheuvel were sitting behind the laptop full of hope for Bert, so did I and many others.
We all love our new world champion in standard class.

Bertje S genietenboven de Sahara

Bert here above the SAHARA.


on the highest spot this morning surrounded by Sebastian and Jez and the numbers 4 till 10.
Picture shared by organizers.

Z Standard class

For the first time in 14 years Finland had a medal again , this time in the 20 m. class , SILVER for Antti and Nikke . Congratulations also to crew Baldrick, who gives as I know  excellent assistance.
It was too difficult to beat the JONES brothers, as said a class apart!They so much deserve the gold !!Also the Jones brothers were as kids at the airfield.Another real soaring family.

Z UK team

Love this great picture shared by the British Gliding Assocation  from the finish of Richard Hood.
The picture from Howard and Steve is a bit dark but I have nothing else on them.

Z Steve and Howard1

On the pictures on top of the blog,  the last finish from the Finnish pilots in this 33 d WGC , winning SILVER in the 20 m. class. and happy faces after a job done well.

Z Multi class

Courtesy organizers.

In club class triumph for the French team. Killian was already world champion in club class, when I was in Italy in 2007 ,now it was the time for Eric.He started on spot 11 overall after 1 day. Moved to 5, 3 and dropped again to 4. On day 5 the French belonged to the few finishers that day and Eric moved to spot 1, where he stayed till the end. Rasmus , who was on spot 2 overall after some less good days in the beginning, dropped one place but is a great 3d winner.

Z Prizes  Z Clubclass winners

I remember the beautiful prizes you can win in Rayskala ---and ---THE CHAMPION and winners till 10 in club class this morning at 10.
Pictures shared by organizers.

Schempp -Hirth was happy too , they wrote on their site;
"Three new World Champions on Schempp-Hirth gliders:
Congratulations to Eric Bernard (Standard Cirrus), Bert Schmelzer (Discus 2a) and Steven & Howard Jones (on Arcus).
Steven & Howard: Well done winning every day in a row but the last (when you still became 2nd)!"

Marina closed this 33d WGC as president of the jury with the well known words:
" I declare these 33rd FAI World Gliding Championships closed"
And then it is really over, but the great memories stay!

Well the soccer was also exciting so I need a day rest now.
Belgium; 6 of their players now play or have played in the Dutch premier league, so we know them well and we hoped with them they would win, but that did not happen. A pity Argentina was not that good yesterday, but when you win  you have been better . At least Belgium has BERT, WORLD CHAMPION SOARING.
Holland;after a boring first part "WE" won.That is after 120 minutes and 4 penalties.Let's see if we can win from Argentina.I am sure our Belgium mates are now behind us.

And we finish with a joke:
"With the best conditions of the comp, a strong thermal was seen picking up our chief steward and his trusty bike. The bike somehow was caught by the flagpole that was missing the FAI flag. We haven't seen Terry since!"

Z Bike

No words needed, but Terry kept us busy.Bye Terry have a good flight back home!!
Shared by the Aussie team.

CU next Sunday,
Cheers Ritz on Sunday July 6 , the 65th birthday of my brother, so off I go.

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