WORLD champions ; Bert jr. Schmelzer, Eric Bernard and the JONES brothers!

They kept the best for last . With 7 days the glass is still half full not half empty.My glass will be full in a minute ,needed that!!!
Here is my story of the last day of the WGC in Rayskala.

The last briefing, the last launches, the last tasks from this 33d WGC. It all happened in Rayskala today and I hope that the day of the prize giving tomorrow, is not the BEST weather-day from the whole competition period. It's not the first time, that THIS happens!!!!
Anyhow the best day till NOW , looking at the weather TODAY!!!! Fantastic!
It can ONLY be a great day as scores are close, tension and jitters are an enemy for some and the best tactics will make the day.
SUPER that huge applause for Heikki the CD, a standing ovation , not that we could hear it but we saw it , as well as the emotion on his face! He had to work so hard with difficult weather-circumstances.Such a nice guy, so deserved!
Club class 335 km.-----Standard 373 ----- 2 seaters go for 365 km.

Z Laatste briefing

Last briefing as shared by the organizers.

Off they went for their last flight over the beautiful lakes and trees. Base over the field was 1700 m.
The clubbies went over the start line at 12.30, standard at 13.02 and the 20 m. boys and girls at 13.17!
The heroes from this WGC, they might have been disillusioned, frustrated with the weather, but they are ALL pilots, so they know and with 7 out of 14 days, the glass is still half full, not half empty!!!
Early starts today ,which means early results and in time for the party! Certainly when the weather is as good as claimed for!
I guess the farewell -fly- past from the tuggies , after the launches, gave goosebumps again.

Z Fly past

The Fly past as shared by the organizers.

It's all in the family!
It's no secret that I am good friends with the Schmelzers. I know them , Bert sr and Hilde, for over 40 years and saw how Tijl and Bert jr. grew up in our happy soaring family. Keiheuvel is a place for family soaring and that's where they all fly/flew, as we did at the comps over there.
Also Jeroen Jennen is such a talent from this airport.
I was VERY nervous when I saw them behind the table upfront, during the briefing this morning, as nervous as the parents looked , but the boys looked as if they were " just busy with another soaring day."
Could Bert jr. stand the pressure. For sure brother Tijl would help him.
I love the brother-competitor-combinations this year. They are doing SO well!!!
Bert on spot 1 when the day begins and Tijl on spot 8!!
Steven and Howard who are on spot 1 in the 2-seater class and won EVERY day! Would they win today again?
Jez and Richard Hood both flying in standard class and on spot 3 and 4 behind Bert and Sebastian. Who would have the best tactic ?

What happened today with the startline tactics?
Some pilots went straight over the start line , others held back.
In the 2 seater class the difference in time was between 13.25 and 14.07. The Jones brothers left in the middle at 14.01.The numbers 2 and 3 left 5 and 6 minutes later!
In the club class the first pilots left at 12.51 and the last 1 hour later at 13.52.
The UK pilots started early as did the German pilots. The French left in the middle and the Finnish pilots belonged to the last departers.
In Standard class Swedish pilot Janne started first [he is on spot 5 overall at that stage] at 13.38.Sebastian and the HOOD brothers at 13.57 and Bert and Tijl 1 minute later.The Aussies were late[r] at 14.09.

During the afternoon, messages of good lift [4.5 m.] and speedy visits to the first TP gave a good feeling at home here.It was all going to happen on a real good soaring-day,  not on some kind of lottery day.
Before I knew I read already messages from " turning the last TP"!! And,..." still great weather here at base station at Rayskala" and " only 45 minutes and they are home." .
THEN,...first club class is back at 16.35!!!The early birds/starters return for the last time to the airport.
Some standard class pilots are in too . It sounds like VERY busy with finishes!!
THEN,.... my Belgium friends with a message;"  Sebastian is 0.5 km. ahead of Bert and they are 24 k out"
Nail biting scenes as I heard in several camps for sure in the German and Belgium camp and Rasmus might be back in the top as he started late and was back early ;there will be some nail biting in the Danish team as well.

Who was going to be the 2014 WGC champion in each of the 3 classes!!??Being not there , means WAITING!!!
THEN the scores..all preliminary at this stage!!!FINALLY, though it went REALLY fast , great job from the scorers and the pilots being quick with their uploading!!!
The Jones brothers did not win the last day , they missed out on a few points with the French team. BUT they are the NEW WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! Runners up Antti and Nikke from Finland and on spot 3 Guido and Michael from Austria.Congratulations!!!

Still waiting!!!!
THEN the news BERT jr. IS WORLD CHAMPION!!!! Got spontaneous  tears!!!Saw them in the pram at airfields. Now Bert is world champion and Tijl on spot 8 what do you want more.What a family effort. Mum TC and crew dad crew and 2 boys who share so much.Congratulations!Their life IS soaring!!!
For the first time in Belgium soaring history a pilot from Belgium is WORLD CHAMPION!!!
Sebastian missed out on only 23 points and is as always a great pilot, even with SILVER ,  the greatest looking at what he achieved till now!!!
The Hood boys did so well.The whole UK team is back on track. Jez on 3 and Richard on 4!!!!!

All preliminary but the CHAMPION in club class is FRENCH pilot Eric Bernard. He will be over the moon!!! Killian is 2d and Rasmus fought himself back to a 3d place. Good on him. Just before the other French musketeer, Valentin Grid. Also in this class UK pilots Ge and Tim did a great job being on spot 5 and 9.Congratulations to the French team and for Rasmus, who I followed over the years as well.

Tonight SOCCER!!! The matches between Belgium and Argentina and Holland against Costa Rica.MORE EXCITEMENT!! What pleasure this world championship ALSO  is!!! Not however the match between Brasil and Colombia yesterday,  I just turned it off!!!
Need a good glass now, too much excitement!!!

CU tomorrow,looking back without this emotion.
Cheers Ritz

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