My first solo — I’m stoked! [HD Video]

Cockpit set. Thumbs up. The super cub starts revving its engine. The slow start of the spinning wheel directly under me vibrates the entire cockpit as our beautiful club starts speeding past me. I only need a gentle touch and I am airborne, waiting for the tug to lift off as well. The rest is in the video. I hope everyone can enjoy this unique day in every pilots life. I consider my experience unique due to the Chilean scenery I am fortunate enough to play around in. After an hour and half of flight. I bring my vintage wooden Bergfalke II/55 back to the firm earth only to begin a day of celebration and to end a flight that I will never repeat, for I have just flown solo.

David, Congratulations on your first solo!  Well done!  — the Café Editors

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  1. Tim Burn
    June 11, 2014 at 3:57 am

    Here a memory you will never forget. What a great solo flight. I remember my first solo in a 1950’s Australian Kookaburra in Central Australia. I too use to fly with the eagles. I have never forgotten that. Well done

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