LXNAV Nano 3 Flight Recorder Receives IGC Approval

Ian Strachan, IGC GFAC Committee Chairman, issued this announcement on May 1, 2014, regarding IGC approval of the LXNAV Nano 3 flight recorder. — Editors.

I am pleased to announce IGC-approval for the LXNAV Nano 3 GPS Flight Recorder for "all flights" including world records. This is a variant of the original Nano with the addition of a screen.

The IGC-approval document may be downloaded from the FAI/IGC web site or the GFAC web site, see below. A table of all IGC-approved Flight Recorders can also be downloaded from these web sites, and the table has links to the IGC-approval document for each type of recorder.

There are now 48 different types of IGC-approved Flight Recorders from 18 different manufacturers.

If you own or fly with one of these, it is recommended that you download its latest IGC-approval document from one of the web sites given below, and to note any changes since you first started using that type of Recorder. For the GFAC web site: www.ukiws.demon.co.uk/GFAC .

The table of all IGC-approved FRs with links to Approval Documents is at: www.ukiws.demon.co.uk/GFAC/igc_approved_frs.pdf .

This document with the tables contains:

(1) a table of all types of IGC-approved Flight Recorders in alphabetical order of manufacturer name, with links to their IGC-approval documents.

(2) a table of Manufacturers of IGC-approved Flight Recorders, in alphabetical order of manufacturer name.

(3) a list of all IGC-approval activity from 1996 to the present day.

(4) a history of IGC GNSS Flight Recording.

For the IGC web site: www.fai.org/gnss-recording-devices/igc-approved-flight-recorders

Scroll down to "IGC-Approved Flight Recorders - Approval Documents."

Then click on the box underneath the above heading which says:

"IGC-approval Documents for all IGC-approved Flight Recorders".

This will call up a list of documents, the first one being "IGC-approval tables" with links to individual Approval documents.

This is followed by individual IGC-approval documents in alphabetical order of manufacturer's name. Scroll down to the Recorder type and click on its name. The IGC-approval document will then download automatically to the directory that you have set for downloads, without being displayed on screen first.

IGC-approval follows test and evaluation by the IGC GNSS Flight Recorder Approval Committee (GFAC) in accordance with Annex B to the Sporting Code for gliding and the Technical Specification for IGC-approved GNSS Flight Recorders. The Technical Specification is available through the igc-approved-flight-recorders web site above or directly from the GFAC web site:

www.ukiws.demon.co.uk/GFAC/documents/tech_spec_gnss.pdf .

The Sporting Code for gliding (SC3) and its annexes A-D may be downloaded via www.fai.org/igc-documents .

Ian Strachan

Chairman IGC GFA Committee