Updates on 4 May Payne-Tito Wave Flight



2014-05-04 - JP and DT made turn south of Lone Pine in weak wave

2014-05-04 - JP and DT made turn south of Lone Pine in weak wave


12:54 PDT Update from Jackie:

Jim and Dennis are safe on the ground at Bishop. They made 750 km before engine start. Several other gliders have also landed there or near. The trailer is on its way. Winds died back sooner than forecast.

11:55 PDT Update from Jackie:

Winds died off to 12 knots. Wave stopped working. They are trying for Bishop.

10:30 PDT Update from Jackie Payne:

Hi all,

Jim and Dennis launched at sunrise from Minden. I'm in KY on a family visit, sorry for the delay. They have over 500 km with a long run between Hurlong and Lone Pine thus far. I will be blogging on the Soaring Café site for the rest of the day. They can post photos as well. The links are:
For tracking

At sunrise on Sunday morning the team of Jim Payne and Dennis Tito will take off from Minden on a long wave mission. The weather had looked more promising 1-2 days ago, but still looks flyable. This time the moisture may be too low for good lift markers. Tonight it looks optimum between Susanville and Bishop. There will be a blog posted on Soaring Café with periodic updates. Near real time tracking will be available on glideport.com or ssa.org. The links will be posted after they launch tomorrow. You are warmly welcomed to share the fun.

Here’s a photo of semi-blue wave this afternoon above Minden where they averaged 199 kph for an OLC speed run.


1020 PDT Update - GlidePort.aero

Jim and Dennis - N-S red track

Gordo and Hugh - light green track to NE

Payne-Tito and Boettger-Bennett Flight Tracks