Hahnweide finished!Nice day in Holland!

Saturday evening 22.30;Lovely evening, very pleasant day! Good food,  long waiting in a queue, nice company and people sitting everywhere even in the grass. NO bad weather,  not at all, we sat till the sun -set outside and got a nice colour!


Even the friends from Germany , who were involved with the Dutch Nationals in Stendal in 2008 in Germany were at Terlet.

Björn with daughter Pilvi [which means cloud in Finnish]

Scores were devalued due to the small tasks .Winner in the combi class …again…Steven Raimond with young Peter Millenaar as runner up.
In the Club class the LS 1 F with Nick Hanenberg and in open class Ronald Termaat had his 2d success in the JS 1.

An impression of the BBQ;


At the Hahnweide Bert Schmelzer won the last day in 18 m. class .Russell Cheetham won the comps with only 23 points on Reinhard Schramme. Wolfgang Janowitsch was 3d.
In standard class Mac was the best. In open class the Levins / Uli Schwenk won before Michael Sommer, also with minor points. Michael won the last day but it was just not enough.
For all other scores look at www.soaring.com

CU tomorrow, cheers Ritz

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  1. Tony Lintott
    May 21, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Hi Ritz,

    A small error in your web link means it is not possible to reach your site.
    Change to http://soaring.eu/ and everything’s works just fine.


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