Cancelled !

Sunday morning!11.11 with some internet problems and a movement from the Thermiekbel to the Hangar .

The briefing is over here at Terlet and the day is cancelled due to the expectation of thunderstorms with heavy gusts and hail.
For tomorrow it does n’t look to good either , but there is hope ….as from Tuesday onwards it seems to be better.

You might have noticed already that I have written every day from the hotel Postillion and I try to continue to do this over the next week, as the Dutch Nationals are always interesting. Not that I am here, but analyses you can do from home as well and for live news you can go to  or to their FACEBOOK site and to follow the gliders you can follow the tracking system.

Looking back at the flights from yesterday Ronald Termaat won 2 days now. The Dutch team is pretty busy with their preparations for the WGC and regularly you here the word Uvalde. Ronald is one of the competitors in Texas.

Picture courtesy Joe Baltussen.

From the Dutch team the 2 open class pilots are here. Francois Jeremiasse who flies the Quintus,  told me that he flies without water , as all Quintesses do at the moment but the electric valves for the watertanks will be in soon. Peter Batenburg flies in his Nimbus 4T, here and at Uvalde.
In 15 m. classs Steven Raimond has won 2 days and ships his ASW 27 soon to Houston. His mate Mark is not here. In 18 m.class in Uvalde Ronald will fly together with Steven Huiskes. So 4 from our 6 WGC pilots fly here at the moment.

Some impressions by Loe Baltussen.


 Sorry for the delay in news about the vintage gliders. I got the message that a KA 6 had flown a distance from 220 km. from Schmallenberg-Rennefeld to Malden last Thursday in the nice time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.A day on which EVERYTHING went well also for this pilot.

Back from home on Wednesday CU then cheers Ritz



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