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UPDATE: 16.00!Day 4.

As promised back with some more news. 14.00; The CAE/NLS Dutch Nationals will have, as it looks now ,  a champion not a winner, as this is day 4, which is good as over the last period we have n’t seen too many good days at comps in countries around us. But….First they have to […]

They tried hard…it did not happen!Today it looks it will happen again.

 Flying today …YES              picture; courtesy Oedske Osinga Tuesday morning; Unfortunately after postponing the launches,  the weather yesterday was still not good enough to fly. Lovely weather for BBQ and…. for what I did… sitting on a terrace in Amsterdam with 23 dgr., but pretty poor visibility. So another cancelled day, a pity, but that is soaring […]

Soaring-salut from Terlet!

The Dutch National gliding championships are at this stage in Arhem on the National Gliding Center Terlet. Interesting to see is how many of the WGC pilots now prepare for the comps . Mac Ichikawa from Japan flew Fatraglide and rushed to Hahnweide to fly there as well and with succes as he won 3 of the 4…

Cancelled !

Sunday morning!11.11 with some internet problems and a movement from the Thermiekbel to the Hangar . The briefing is over here at Terlet and the day is cancelled due to the expectation of thunderstorms with heavy gusts and hail. For tomorrow it does n’t look to good either , but there is hope ….as from Tuesday […]

Hahnweide finished!Nice day in Holland!

Saturday evening 22.30;Lovely evening, very pleasant day! Good food,  long waiting in a queue, nice company and people sitting everywhere even in the grass. NO bad weather,  not at all, we sat till the sun -set outside and got a nice colour!   Even the friends from Germany , who were involved with the Dutch […]

Greetings from Terlet.

Saturday morning.9.30- Just had our breakfast in the Postillion Hotel and that is just superb. A buffet with something for everybody! Birds were singing as we are in the middle of the Veluwe here one of the most beautiful places in Holland as in nature. A little rabbit looked with interest what we were eating. […]