SSA 2012—Electric Gliders

What’s all this about Electric Powered Gliders ?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about electric power for aircraft, and a few electric-powered gliders are now being manufactured (there are even four electric powered Antares 20E in the USA). What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric power ? How do these compare to gas-powered machines? Dave and Robert will talk about the basics, and the particulars of a few examples.

About the Presenters

Dave Nadler “YO electric” worked with the FLARM team to create FLARM version 5 and PowerFLARM, and to bring FLARM to USA. Dave is the principal designer of the popular ILEC SN10 flight computer, and represents Lange Aviation (Antares gliders) in North America. Dave has flown 3500 hours in gliders, including 650 hours in his Antares 20E electric self-launcher, >1000 hours in motor-gliders,  around 100 contests, and >100,000 miles XC. The high-point of Dave’s soaring career has been winning a day in the Open Nationals at Uvalde in his Antares.

Robert Mudd sells and service Pipistrel aircraft and owns Composite Aircraft Repair LLC at Moriarty, New Mexico. Robert is a mechanic (A&P, IA, Rotax certified), and pilot with 4,000 hours split evenly between gliders and airplanes. Robert became interested in electric sailplanes when he flew the prototype of the Apis E in Slovenia in 1995, and will receive the first electric self-launch Taurus in USA in spring of 2012. Robert has worked with composite repair and construction since the 1970s, and was on the Genesis glider design team, spending 4 years in Lithuania working at the LAK factory.

Dave Nadler, USA East Coast voice (978) 263-0097,, Skype: Dave.Nadler1