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SSA 2012 — Mountain and Ridge Soaring in Northern Utah

Northern Utah provides a unique opportunity in the USA to truly fly “in” the mountains. Logan has often been compared to Rieti, Italy, Saint-Auban, France and Omarama, New Zealand for the true mountain and ridge flying experiences. The skills and techniques required as well as the potential for long cross-country flights will be explored.

SSA 2012—News from Jonker Sailplanes

Uys Jonker, co-founder of Jonker Sailplanes, makers of the 18
meter JS-1 Revelation, gave a very well-attended talk at the 2012 SSA convention in Reno on how refinements in glide aerodynamic design can add up to significant gains in performance over the current generation of 18 meter sailplanes.

SSA 2012—Electric Gliders

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about electric power for aircraft, and a few electric-powered gliders are now being manufactured (there are even four electric powered Antares 20E in the USA). What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric power ? How do these compare to gas-powered machines? Dave and Robert will talk about the basics, and the particulars of a few examples.

SSA 2012 Presentation—Brigliadori Distilled

Sailplane racing is an intricate and challenging blend of soaring skill, mental toughness, and strategic planning. Anyone seriously interested in improving their competitive performance needs to sharpen all aspects of their soaring skill set. The book, “Competing in Gliders” by Leo and Ricky Brigliadori, provides a valuable resource to help pilots of all levels perform better.

SSA 2012—Touring Motorgliders: Versatility in Action

Richard Pearl and Michael Haisten of the Touring Motorglider Association gave this talk at SSA 2012 on Friday, February 3rd in the hope that it will motivate you to join TMGA and get out and FLY! On Saturday, Richard will meet with the SSA Board to propose that TMA become an SSA affiliate. Check out the TMGA website at http://www.touringmotorgliderassociation.org .