SSA 2012—Designer Martin Heide Introduces the ASH-31Mi

Video by Robin Clark (RF)

When designing the ASH 26 with 18m wingspan, there was the question whether this glider will be close to the Open Class perfomance of those days. The ASH 31 as a successor clearly shows this ability. Click here to view photos of its maiden flight.

About the Designer: Martin Heide was born in 1952 and started in 1971 to fly gliders. During his time at University of Stuttgart, he was a member of Akaflieg Stuttgart. For his diploma thesis in 1982, the flight evaluation of the ASW 22, he was already employed by the Alexander Schleicher company. The design of the ASH 25 out of structural parts of the ASW 22 and a two-seater fuselage from Akaflieg Stuttgart had been his first challenge. The following project was the 18m self-launching sailplane, the ASH 26E with the propulsion system powered by a rotary engine. The ASH 31 Mi which is in serial production for two years and the new two seater ASH 30 are the latest designs. 

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