SSA 2012 Presentation—Brigliadori Distilled

Sailplane racing is an intricate and challenging blend of soaring skill, mental toughness, and strategic planning. Anyone seriously interested in improving their competitive performance needs to sharpen all aspects of their soaring skill set. The book, “Competing in Gliders” by Leo and Ricky Brigliadori, provides a valuable resource to help pilots of all levels perform better. Using the book as an outline, a clear and concise view of the four main areas of competitive soaring (Technique, Strategy, Tactics, and Human Factors) and how each contributes to a winning approach will be presented. The target audience is the pilot who wants to improve their standings in the score sheet, but is unsure of what they should do to improve their soaring skills.

Give the presentation time to load … it is large … then, click More and select Full Screen to really enjoy the presentation.

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