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[HD Video] Gliders Racing 1000 ft Above Desert

It is hard to imagine that gliders could comfortably cruise less than 1,000 feet above the desert floor at ground speeds often over 140 miles per hour for over 20 miles with nowhere to land in sight! Note the completely unlandable terrain both above and below the ridge making for spectacular scenery but scary flying. This was a very fun day of flying! Thanks for watching, Bruno (B4).

SSA 2012 — Mountain and Ridge Soaring in Northern Utah

Northern Utah provides a unique opportunity in the USA to truly fly “in” the mountains. Logan has often been compared to Rieti, Italy, Saint-Auban, France and Omarama, New Zealand for the true mountain and ridge flying experiences. The skills and techniques required as well as the potential for long cross-country flights will be explored.

Women Soaring Pilots Association Raffle

Each year the WSPA conducts a raffle to raise money for scholarships. This year’s raffle is a quilt project, which was started in 2006 with the gathering of squares. Squares were donated by over a dozen WSPA members and Arleen Coleson lovingly assembled and quilted this beautiful work of art.