2012 Pre-WGC Blog and Photos—Day 1

At the pre-WGC, the U.S. is represented by Peter Deane, Tom McKnight, Francois Pin, and Sarah Kelly Arnold. Tom, Francois, and Sarah are flying in the 15 meter class and Peter in the standard class at the pre-Worlds, but in the 2013 WGC, Francois and Tom will fly in the world class, Peter in the standard class and Sarah in the club class. We hope to include reports from Peter, Tom, and Francois in later installments, but here’s Jason Arnold’s commentary on and photos from Day 1. Thanks to Jason for taking the time from his busy schedule as Sarah’s crew, husband, and soulmate to keep us informed. For those who would like to follow Jason’s tweets, he is tweeting @soarchilhowee (Twitter.com/soarchilhowee)

Jason’s Blog

Tweet from Jason: Chilhowee Soaring (@SoarChilhowee)
1/9/12 6:24 AM
Sarah and Francois place 2nd and 8th after the first day of competition at the pre-worlds!

Really busy as you can guess but I have to make a correction on the
last post – siesta is between 12 and 4 PM.

Other things going on: The first day has happened and there are still
no results available as of bed time. Sarah and Francois had a good day
flying team together in a manner which I can only describe as like
“American Jazz,” free form and flowing with both pilots coming
together around improvisational skill and a mutual respect for one
another. It’s quite exciting to see something working as it does,
surrounded by not only the world gliding community here at Chavez, but
also the local people, as beautiful as they are with both their
kindness and curiosity for the sport of soaring, vuela a vela.

The US Team Family here at the pre-worlds consists of:
Tom and Mimi McKnight
Peter Deane
Sarah & Jason Arnold
Francois & Dottie Pin

We appreciate the help already given to us by our friends and
Argentine crews as the contest begins. It must also be noted that the
Club de Planeadores “Otto Ballod” has increased its facility with new
buildings having been built and infrastructure provided in preparation
for next year’s WGC here at Adolfo Gonzales Chaves. Electricity and
wifi are both provided – in my tent

Photos by Jason

Day 1 Pilots' Meeting

Sarah's ASW-20 (TR) weighing in at 7:30 AM on Day 1

Sarah and Francois strategizing before the race

Spectators, crew, and others lined up along the runway

Sarah's glider (TR) on the grid, along with 99 others!

Mimi McKnight of Team USA in the foreground

Home away from home

An Argentine Dinner