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Concordia Deploying Its Drogue Chute

At the recent Perry contest I was able to try the chute and it worked fine after a few small changes. Trish Drury was nice enough to make a series of very good pictures of the Concordia landing with chute deployment which was very helpful in sorting out the small issues.  The Drogue chute is…

Impressions from the German Championships in Lüsse

During the past two weeks, Lüsse hosted the German Championships in the Standard- and Club class. The airfield close to the small town of Lüsse southwest of Germany’s capital Berlin is internationally well-known, as it has already hosted a WGC and lots of other big contests. The countryside south of Berlin is flat but famous…

Grand Prix Racing for the Rest of Us

This is a cropped but close translation of part of an article published March 27, 2013 in the OLC Magazine in German. “The argument can be made that traditional glider racing rules are such that spectator interest and involvement is near zero. Complex rules that are not relatable by the lay person and technical details that take substantial time to sort out delay daily racing results for hours if not until the next morning. Whoever comes home first from a contest flight is most likely not involved in the decision regarding the day’s winner.”

Flying in the Seniors; Take Two

Last year in this space I wrote a series of articles about my experiences at the Senior’s competition.  Since it was my first ever contest, I thought it would be fun for me, and perhaps interesting to a few people who have never been here.  This year I want to try to compare my experiences…

2012 U.S. Open Class Nationals Update – Day 1

The winner for the day was the Arcus flown by Rick Walters & Pete Alexander. The task was to fly from Minden to Hilton Ranch to Benton and then a free turnpoint. They flew 283 miles at an average speed of 81 MPH. Rick reported that they were slow to make it to Hilton Ranch, as the conditions were weak, but after that it was good. Blue thermals all day, and they were never below 13,000 feet MSL. They continued to Boundary peak. He said the best soaring was from Mount Grant to Lucky Boy Pass.