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Onda Grande – Mission accomplished

Jackie Payne reports from Argentina Several hours after the biggest flight of the past year 2013, Jim’s wife Jackie found a minute (while her husband is busy completing another 2,100+ km flight!) to put down some background information to tell us more about that fabulous day. Jackie also provides a link to a YouTube video…

2012 Pre-WGC Report—17 January—15m and Standard Cancelled

Update: The 15 meter and standard class tasks were cancelled. Team USA Congratulations to Francois for winning the day yesterday! Jay Campbell has this to say about Sarah’s climb up the scoresheet: “I notice that Sarah’s cumulative score, as a percentage of the first-place cumulative score, has risen from ~78% after day one to ~…

2012 Pre-WGC Report—15 January—Day 6

Yesterday’s results put Sarah and Francois in 15th and 16th overall. The team here is holding strong and has hopes that our stamina and work ethic hold out while others fade away. Today’s task will be difficult going; it’s blue again with thermal tops near 6,500 feet as of the last transmission.

2012 Pre-WGC Report—14 January—Day 5

So, to all readers, yes it is nice weather here right now. I know we may whine about the dust, or the wind, or the higher temps and high UV, but really it ain’t so bad. I know the pilots (some of them) are wearing down a little after one week, but hey, this is work and even play can get old.

2012 Pre-WGC Report—12 January—Day 3

Scores: 15m-Daily, 15m-Total, Standard-Daily, Standard-Total 02:00Z 13 January report from Jason: There have been 45 landouts today, all but thirteen of which are accounted for. All but one Team USA pilot made it home; Peter Deane landed out and will return in a few minutes after a seven hour retrieve. He and his crew are returning to Chavez…