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Having Fun in the DuckHawk 15m Sailplane

In early September, I had a fantastic day of flying at Blairstown Airport, the culmination of which was having the opportunity to fly Windward Performance’s new DuckHawk. I had just flown the club Grob Twin Astir with my brother, promptly falling out and not exactly having one of my best landings in it.

Day 1 Report

The Women Soaring Pilots Association’s annual seminar got off to a great start Monday at the Chilhowee Gliderport in Benton, Tennessee.  Twenty-eight pilots and several non-flying supporters have gathered for five days of flying and friendship.  Monday dawned hot and sunny, and cu’s were popping by lunchtime.  Morning flights were short, but provided good training…

[HD Video] Three Gliders Racing in the Wyoming Mountains

Gliders Racing the Wyoming Salt River Mountains

Sit back and enjoy 42 uncut minutes of fast low mountain racing in Wyoming’s Salt River Range taken during the 2011 Logan 15-Meter Nationals. This is not the regular YouTube soaring video with lots of short video cuts edited to music, but shows advanced mountain racing averaging well over 120 mph continuous ground speeds. Just tell your boss that you need to take a 42 minute break today…hope you enjoy!

Jonker Sailplanes 2011 Year in Review

[Leo sent me a Merry Christmas email yesterday and I thought I would share it with our readers. — WE] Jonker Sailplanes has had a relatively good year with steady production of JS1 Revelations for customers worldwide, numerous JS1 pilots having contest success, and many fabulous OLC flights. The manufacturing year ended in mid-December with…