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Nevada’s Skies Start Cooking…

Stewart Crane from Air Sailing Nevada sent his club’s news to Soaring Café: “So far, Chukar is 5th in the US for today and Dragonfly is 10th! Here are pictures of them after landing and a group picture with Mark and Skimmer. Neita says her feet got cold, so she is open to suggestions on boots and heat pads. I was just amazed that not only did Chukar fly that far but that he made it back. Do you realize how short the wings are on a 1-26?”

Robert Spielman Makes Longest OLC Flight on 11 March

Source—OLC Magazine: On March 11, 2012, Robert Spielman of Air Sailing Nevada, launched from the Minden-Tahoe Airport in a SparrowHawk and made the longest flight in the OLC world competition for that day. Robert logged 898.8 km in six legs for 1105 points and averaged 133.6 kph. Congratulations, Robert! At this writing, Robert is 2nd in the U.S. OLC competition, only 24 points behind the leader, Robert Templin of Aero Club Albatross.