Other News

Payne and Boettger on Wave Flights Today!

Jim Payne and Gordon Boettger both embarked on wave flights out of Minden, NV today, March 6, 2014. Jackie Payne has been blogging updates on Jim’s flight and Walt Rogers has been reporting Gordo’s progress on his blog. Both pilots are doing zig-zag flights between Minden, Susanville, and Mojave.

Green Airsports Honored with New Environmental Award

The FAI Environmental Commission (EnvC) has established the Angelo d’Arrigo Diploma, a new FAI environmental award which aims at recognising and promoting major contributions in the field of environmental and sustainable development, in accordance with the development of a philosophy and a vision of sport aviation that increasingly wants to be respectful of the environment…

Skylines: Flight Documentation and Analysis for Everyone

The OLC has established itself worldwide as a useful portal for displaying and analyzing cross-country flights. However, there is also criticism against the platform, especially in Germany. A group of ambitious developers has, therefore, started “Skylines”, a portal that comes pretty close to the OLC functionality and offers even more features.

Gliding in The World Games

The Aero Club of Poland is very active in promoting the idea of “olympic gliding”. The Polish foundation “Smyki na start” whose main goal is promoting engineering and technology among youngsters together with Aero Club of Poland and Warsaw University of Technology are co-operting in order to convince the organisers of the IWG in Wroclaw…