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JWGC ! German 18m and open class Nationals!

Today the JWGC starts. But there was thunder and lightning to be seen in the early morning, a shower made the clean gliders on the grid wet again, BUT the sun is getting more and more strong, so it looks good. Briefing at 9.30, so a bit later I will come back with the verdict/tasks for…

Hey, what’s in that trailer?

When people see the long slender trailer being towed down the highway they often wonder what is contained within.  This guy thought he would answer their questions with a graphic depiction of what is contained within.  Thank you Gary Childers for this nice photo — Ed. The picture of the trailer is just a plan…

Soaring Car Tags (Updated)

Leo Benetti-Longhini has been collecting photos of “personalized” car tags at soaring and hang gliding sites around the world.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Soaring between two Seas…?

It’s springtime and in Europe pilots have had a very busy start into the new soaring season. After a too long winter, they are finally enjoying really long flights. In Colorado, where I live at the moment, we are still waiting for the real thing. So I spent some time looking at my Northern German…

Torino Competition

photos by Giancarlo Grinza Some photos during the landings during the 1st day of Trofeo città di torino.  Unfortunately we had only 1 day valid becasue the weather was really awful on the others days.