Hey, what’s in that trailer?

When people see the long slender trailer being towed down the highway they often wonder what is contained within.  This guy thought he would answer their questions with a graphic depiction of what is contained within.  Thank you Gary Childers for this nice photo -- Ed.

The picture of the trailer is just a plan (for now), made in Photoshop. It for an Astir Jeans, if everything works out, we will paint it during the off season, and if we have some other ideas, we will paint the other trailers.

The designers were Olivér Taglieber and Máté Valastyán, from the Malév Aeroclub- Dunakeszi(LHDK), Hungary.  -- Ed. update from Máté Valastyán.


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  1. Gerald Baily
    August 12, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    On my K 8 B trailer with a Florida Tag I told people it was a very large and mean alligator in a transport case so please be quiet.

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