Day 3 @ Sisteron Part 2! Flying a task TWICE to “make” Day 3! 140 km./h.

Speeds around 150 km/h!

Speeds around 150 km/h!

Z Gridding day 3 by Tom

Z gridding 1  Z gridding 2

Z Bruce ready for day 3

3 PM: This is the continuation of blog 1 from today.
As you can see on the pictures of the Aussie team, the weather improved (this is looking N),  the wind slowly blew the "rubbish"  away and all pilots and crews were called to go to the grid.

The task from 155 km is very close to Sisteron ALL the time.
To make 155 km they fly this short task TWICE!

So first they fly from Sisteron to Sommet Chabre (22.9 km) then to Montrond Champ (17.6 km) and then via check point S (27.3 km) and back over the field (9.7 km) to do it again !

Possible first launch set at 3.30! 5 Tuggies again ... I am ready. On the live video,I see still a lot of high cirrus clouds, but there are also cumulus clouds visible, which is GOOD!

I mentioned Eric Napoleon a few times. He is in Sisteron to help the three French pilots and in between he helps out the English tracking commentator Shaun, who is doing a good job, with extra inside comments on what's happening, as he knows the area SO well. For those who do not know Eric, I add a picture. He has been the French team captain already for years and was World Champion in New Zealand.

Z Eric Napolen

In the middle talking to Bruce and Arne Boye, on sunny Day 1

3.30 PM: With the clouds getting thinner, and the sun getting hotter, the first launch was for LR  - Carlos from Chile. At 4.20 the last of the 20 pilots went up!

The startline opened at 4.50, at that stage the weather at some places ,was really good.Because of the task so close by , they can follow the pilots in the air from Sisteron.
It was great to see how the pilots rushed to the startline to pass it not above 1800 m. German pilot Robert raced as first over the line followed by Didier , who passed Robert  straight after.
A " mixed bag" is what Brian called the weather, with good well formed clouds and high CU's , but also some  low ones still full of moist and which some good some picking-up- wind on the ridges.

5 PM; Breeze now definitely coming over the ridge. They noticed on the ground and on the live-stream, that the pilots could climb high enough and not had to go back to the valley, they just could continue with the race as a good line of clouds was hanging over the ridges.They could climb under them,gained another 200 m. whilst running the ridges mainly behind each other .

John, had an electrical problem , had to return to the field , where they solved the problem and off he went again, but unfortunately much  later then the rest.

Didier reached as the first the TP, following the clouds rather then using the mountains. A new line of clouds had formed for the next legs.

Over the valley great clouds as well up to over 2000 m. Life -feed from the video crew  picked up Sebastian who had a good climb up to 2176 m. over Sisteron and it looks at 5.26  that the second run will be faster due to better weather. Some pilots flew in 35 min. over the first race.

At 5.31 most pilots were on their way for the 2d run.Bruce, Sebastian , Rene and Robert leaded this 2d run.Bruce raced with 172 km./h. on the clock at 1433 m.according to the tracking system.
Sebastian used the clouds to reach 2240 m.It looks like Didier got lower and a bit behind.

5.44 ; Brian mentions a shower but it should not effect the pilots. He said that the pilots only could have fun, using mountains/ridges and clouds and they should be much faster then the organizers ever anticipated in the morning.
With 2 legs to go and their height,[just under 1300 m.]  some pilots as Bruce , Rene and Sebastian, were able to go on final glide with a tailwind , but on one leg had a head wind as well, flying 200 km.h.At the same time John started his 2d run.

5.58;With the tracking not in real time they looked outside as well to see who was coming in.And YES there was Bruce as first, then Sebastian . Bruce must be over the moon!!Around 150 km./h, using ridges and thermals! Considering the rain in the morning. A fantastic day!155 km. in 1 hour and 5 minutes!
Rene came in as 3d. Then a gaggle with Robert, Giorgio and more. 12 Pilots are in now.

Have a look at for the results as these are very preliminary .

To finish a nice picture from Anita with Bruce and Mike both missing the startline one on day 1 and the other on day 2. Hopefully today ALL goes well for both.

Z mike and Bruce

According to Anita they started the " missed-start line-club".
As I told you already they are such nice " boys".

That's it for now, at 6.15 they wait for the last pilots to arrive. Tilo just arrived as well.
CU tomorrow evening with a wrap-up of day 4 ,as I have to be in Amsterdam tomorrow.
Cheers Ritz

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