They are in the air!CAE/NLS, another 3 year the main sponsor!!

2.30 PM. The pilots are in the air and the skies look pretty good. Short tasks however as showers hang around in the evening. Hope not as over 150 people are part of the BBQ tonight.
So 150.9 km. for the club class pilots, 183.3 km. for the combi class and 221 for the open classs gliders.
During briefing Marc Landsman from the CAE/NLS told all of us that they remain sponsor for the next 3 years and…he had a scoop for us!!!
The CAE/NLS is taking over Oxford Aviation Academy , which means that CAE Global Academy belongs to the worldwide biggest Academy now. Proud they sponsor the NK!!!
This way it is even easier for them to “find “jobs for the students which are ready, as they will have 42 training locations now for pilots , maintenance and cabin staff.
Later more!

 Marc Landsman with BIG news!

Back to soaring. Starts went smooth and fast with 4 tuggies. Saw for the first time the Quintus, great looking glider.
Here is an impression from pictures made today.

Tuggies Sjoerd, Zweef, Bert and Daan       and the QUINTUS!


Alfred Paul one of the pilots , Stephanie here with one of her 3 children and Brutus all stayed with us in Tocumwal!!!

Rene de Dreu TC in Uvalde and Steven Raimond who flies in Uvalde and the selflauncher Quintus ready to go.

Off to the field again to see the finishes and to the BBQ later. Scores on on livescoring and/or at soaring spot. Latest news at the site.

Hahnweide is flying on their last day!!
269 for St class and 15 m, 270 for the 18 m. pilots , 265 for open and 227 for the 2-seaters. It seems nice weather there as well , so the tasks should be flown by most. Tomorrow the final results and analyses.

Cheers Ritz

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