Europe is busy enough with competitions!

One competition is over and the other starts, that's a bit what happens in Europe at the moment.After Nitra , it was Prievidza , who invited pilots to fly for the 2012 Flight Challenge Cup . It was their 5th edition and it was even nice to follow it from home.
Well known  pilot Sebastian Kawa won in the mixed class in the Diana 2 and runner up and flying in a Duo Discus was Roman Mracek[ with Agata Kaszczuk] . Roman won already in Nitra the club class. Good on him!
In 15 m. class Radek Krejcirik won and in club class the best pilot was Jan Boruvka. UK pilot G. Dale had one bad day with an outlanding and won 3 days!
Interesting as well; The professional TC from the German team Uli Gmelin had a great sprint over the last days in the ARCUS T with Christine Grote. Being last on the first day they won day 8 and 9 to end on spot 7 overall from 34 pilots in the mixed class. 9 Days out of 13 is pretty good though there were some marginal days and 114 participants  is good as well. On the pictures [courtesy FCC site]  the "field" before launching and a finish in Prievidza.


In Italy the Club Class Nationals are held in Thiene over 2 long weekends. In the first weekend only 1 soarable day, this weekend the same. So not enough days to declare a winner.Good to see several juniors in this competition.

In Germany the Klix competition started with an AAT day,  but day 2 and 3 were cancelled not due to rain or low clouds but because of too stable weather and 30dgr. In Klix is a nice combination of top pilots and " recreation pilots".

Belgium has organised their Nationals in St. Hubert in 3 classes and in France the Nationals for open class and 2 seaters have started! Hopefully they enjoy good weather, it seems to get better here.

I loved this week,  the speed task from Jim and Dennis[ 931 km. with 206 km/h.] , the great 1000 km-ridge- flights from Blairstown in SZD 55 and LS 3,  but yesterday some great 1000 km-plus  [wave-] flights in Europe as well ;an LS1 from Innsbruck [Aut.]  and from Schaenis [CH] 2 1000 km flights one in ASG 29 /18m. and one in ASW 20. And last but not least in the Stemme, with Klaus Ohlmann from Serres in France; 1.560 km.
And today the Scandinavian countries had their share of good soaring conditions.

It's all happening! Look for more soaring news from last week on

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