SSA 2012 Convention Photos by Maria Szemplinska

We are delighted to provide the following images from Maria Szemplinska.  She creates truly beautiful photographs with a unique perspective.  Let us know if you would like a copy and we can put you in touch with her.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  — Bill and Rand

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Vitek Siroky, President of Blanik America, Inc and Vytautas Maciulis, Director of Lak Factory in Pociunai, LT preparing their booth.

Denise Layton, SSA Chief Administrative Officer

Inside the trailer

John Good

Steve Pachura with a visitor, "Romans Design"

Front going through Lake Tahoe

Gordon Boettger with wife Melissa Boettger and daughter Sierra Boettger. Gordon set a distance record in northern Hemisphere in a Kestrel sailplane.

Sierra Boettger proudly holds her fathers U.S.Champion Award

And the Party beginns, SSA Staff from Hobbs, NM

Young Windward Performance Reps interested in "Perkoz", Windpath Corporation"

Bernald Smith, OSTIV

Model Glider Display from American Modelers Assosication (AMA)

Last consultations, Tilo Hollighaus and Monty Sullivan

Jonkers booth closing up

Exhbition Hall

Wave Over Lake Tahoe

"Perkoz" is going home

Exhibiton Hall closing for the night

Erazem Polutnyk and Uros Krasovic, LX NAV

Denise Layton with her Award

Ken Sorenson

Schleicher Ka-6E getting ready to go home

Ian E. Oldaker from Canada

Young cadetes trying the "Perkoz", Windpath Corporation, a perfect trainer, aerobatics and cross country in one

DG1001M cabin

Al Tyler, SSA Chairman

Kasia Milewska, USHPA

DuckHawk by Windward Performance

Lake Tahoe Beach

Jonkers Sailplanes group presenting "JS1 Revelation": Jennifer Benetti-Longhini, Stan Palmer, Iain Baker Leo Benetti-Longhini, Uys Jonker

DG1001M Self-Launcher Engine

Leo Benetti-Longhini, Jonker Sailplanes, JS1 Revelation, South Africa

Wine and Cheese party sponsors

Rhonda Tyler, Michelle Sorenson, Hank Nixon

Trailers leaving into the night

Rachel Conklin, the Kolstad Junior Scholarship Award Recipient

Thomas Prohazka and Ray Leonard, US Hang Gliding

John Kulbeth, Aeronautical and Industrial Resources USA, Lambada Motorglider, pilot who took Maria on the most amazing flight over Lake Tahoe.

View on the Skylaunch booth from the inside of a trailer

Exhibition Hall

Mechelle Radcliff, SSA Editorial Assistant/Advertising Manager

Andreea Alexandrescu, Seminole Lake Gliderport and Jerzy Szemplinski, Windpath Corporation from Canada

Einar Enevoldson and Bertha M.Ryan, author of the "Soaring Beyond the Clouds"

Greg Cole, Windward Performance, Perlan Project

from left: Tilo Holighaus and "Biggo" Berger from Schempp-Hirth, Heinz Weissenbuehler and Monty Sullivan from M&H Research and Development

Birdseyeview on DG1001M

JS1 Revelation

Inspecting the Panel

Duane Cole and Lew Klunk examining the wings of a DuckHawk

Jerzy Szemplinski, Windpath Corporatiorn,"Perkoz" Dealer

Another day at the Exhibition

Josh Knerr, Jim Short and Simine Short from Vintage Sailplane Association

in the middle Roman Wrosz, "Romans Design"

Chip Garner and Tim Welles

Ken Sorenson, Denise Layton, Al Tyler

Dr. Loek Boermans, OSTIV

Michael I Green, PH.D and Frauke Elber at WSPA booth

Kasia Milewska, showing the USHPA equipment

Ray Poquette, Thermotec USA

Perlan Projekt Display

Greg Cole with a group of Windward Representatives, Perlan Project

End of the Convention, Jerzy takes dwon his signs

Jay McDaniel and ?

Cheri Long with Bud Copeland from SSA

Exhibition Hall

Kasia Milewska,USHPA demonstrates the ropes of a paraglider

Lee Kuhlke,Flarm USA, Butterfly USA

Winch by "Romans Design", Roman Wrosz

Lake Tahoe

Planes and booths have left the Convention Hall

Ralph Kolstad and Marge Flemings, Soaring Youth and Kolstad Programs, representing the Kolstad Youth Scholarship Award of $5,000

from left: Roger Harris, towpilot, Diane Horn, groundcrew, Dick Horn, President, Air Sailing, Inc.


Josh Knerr and Simine Short, Vintage Sailplane Association, Simine presenting their Magazine "Bungee Cord"

Through the cabin of the motorglider

View through the trailer on one of the Exhibitions booths

SZD 54-2 "Perkoz" a brand new 2-seater, so called 3 in 1, because its a basic trainer, full aerobatics and cross country glider, dealer Jerzy Szemplinski from Windpath Corporation

John Murry, Eastern Sailplane, ASG Dealer

Exhibition Hall, on the left a well supplied "Cumulus Soaring" stand

Butterfly like look at "Stemme" USA presented by Alexander Papenberg

Peter Pfortner and Leo Buckley

Al Tyler, SSA Chairman

Sean and Tiffany Fidler toast to a succsesfull Convention

Neva Cole from Windward Performance

Rachel Conklin, the recipient of the Kolstad Junior Scholarship Award

Tilo Holighaus and Ken Sorenson

Al Tyler hands in the Chairmans Award to Dianne Black-Nixon

Jerzy Szemplinski from Windpath Corporation and Bill Elliott from Soaring Cafe

Exhibition Hall, in the middle "Perkoz", Windpath Corporation

Exhibition Hall

Diamont Peak with Lake Tahoe

"Perkoz", Jerzy Szemplinski, Windpath Corporation

DG1001M tail, Pacific Aerosport

Renee Remde, Cumulus Soaring

Al Tyler congratulates Rachel Conklin, the recipient of the Kolstad Junior Scholarship Award

LAK 17B(Fes)BT presented by Vitek Siroky and Lak Factor Director Vytautas Maciulis

George and Lisa Applebay, Southwest Soaring Museum, NM


Jennifer Benetti-Longhini makes a signature jump for JS1 Revelation, Jonker Sailplanes

Michael Tomazin, Aeronautical & Industrial Resources USA, Lambada Motorglider

Visitor interested in LAK glider from Lithuania

Vytautas Maciulis, Director of Lak Factory and Vitek Siroky, President of Blanik America, Inc.

Kasia Milewska demonstrates how to of paragliding to the visitor, USHPA

from left: Jennifer Benetti-Longhini, Leo Benetti-Longhini, Stan Palmer, Iain Baker, Uys Jonker, Jonker Sailplanes, South Africa

Wine and Cheese Event before the official opening day sponsored by a couple of soaring friends

John Lubon and Patric Lubon

Peter Salisbury, Janet Pitt and Adam Greaves, Skylaunch Ltd.

JS1 Revelation, Jonkers Sailplanes

Roman Wrosz and Steve Pachura,discussing their winch by "Romans Design"

Williams Soaring Center, from left: Nick Mayes, Noelle Mayes, Richard Kellerman, Ben Meyes, Erik Knight, and ?

SZD 54-2 "Perkoz",a brand new 2-seater, a basic trainer, full asrobatics and cross country, all in one glider, dealer Jerzy Szemplinski from Windpath Corporation

"Biggo" Berger from Schempp-Hirth helps a visitor to get into "Arcus"

Exhibition Hall, at the front "Perkoz", Windpath Corporation

Tim Welles, Richard Kellerman, Chip Garner, Gary Kammerer of ClearNav

Trailers in front of Atlantis Hotel, home of the 2012 SSA Convention

Kasia Milewska, USHPA, her paraglider is her wings

DG1001M, Chris ? from Pacific Aerosport

Renee, wife of Paul Remde from Cumulus Soaring and Christine, his Assistant

Impressive wing of the DG1001M Sailplane

Richard Pfiffner, Craggy Aero LLC getting full attention

Al Tyler and Dianne Black-Nixon with her Chairmans Award

Photos by Maria Szemplinska
All rights reserved


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  1. February 22, 2012 at 4:03 am

    Photo #58 Roger Harris “Coot” one of our tow pilots and a awesome glider pilot!!!

    • Avatar of Rand Baldwin
      February 24, 2012 at 6:34 pm

      Chris – Thanks for the ID. We’ll add a caption to Roger’s photo.

  2. February 22, 2012 at 7:11 am

    Great photo’s Maria! Thanks very much!!!

  3. Piet Barber
    February 24, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Photo #129 Fred LaSor of SoarNV.

    • Avatar of Rand Baldwin
      February 24, 2012 at 6:35 pm

      Piet – Thanks for identifying Fred. We’ll add a corresponding caption.

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