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A Magical Wave Flight

I had a second magical wave flight with Jim Payne at Minden within a week, the first last Tuesday (September 24) and the second Sunday, September 29. This second one exceeded both of our expectations, resulting in the longest distance flown in the U.S. in the OLC (“On-Line Contest” for non-soaring friends) for the 2012-13 competition year: 1,681.7 km (1,044.96 miles).

[Video] Wave Soaring from a Frozen Lake

Here is a soaring video which shows something a little different, which might interest you and your readers—wave soaring from a frozen lake in the Norwegian mountains! This is from the 2013 Vågå wavecamp which was held this week (http://www.wavecamp.no/). Even if spring is approaching fast, isn’t it interesting to see that great flights can be had in winter, even in the far north of Norway? :-)”

[Video] Kebnekaise Wave Soaring Camp 1967

For over 50 years glider pilots from all over Europe have gathered in northern Sweden on the ice runway of Paittasjärvi lake, close to Kiruna city and the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise. Kiruna soaring club (http://www.sfk-kiruna.se/) have organized this event since 1961.
This movie is digitized from old 8mm films from 1967.

[Video] Wave Soaring North of the Arctic Circle

Every year since 1962 glider pilots from all around have gathered at the Lake Paittasjärvi near Kebnekaise in the Swedish Lapland at Easter for two weeks of ultimate wave soaring. The place is know for good waves from all wind directions except east and easterly wind is very rear during the spring time.

Minden Wave Camp 2012

Above all, Minden is known for wave conditions.  Wave camps of yore boasted scores of gliders, a hundred pilots, and dozens of diamond badges.  Crowds were so big that lectures and meals were held in a conference room at the local casino.  Since 2009, SoaringNV has worked to revive the Minden Wave Camp tradition. This…

Yet Another (!) U.S. Record Wave Flight by Boettger and Bennett

Well, they’ve gone and done it again! The Dynamic Duo, a.k.a., Gordon Boettger and Hugh Bennett, drove Hugh’s Duo Discus to yet another U.S. distance record on Wednesday, April 20th. This is the third record set by the indefatigable pair in the past two months and the longest distance flight posted on the OLC for the current season.

Where Wild Winds Rule

We found this nice article about the wave in Argentina: In a field where science and adventure sports meet, the team of the Mountain Wave Project (MWP) (mountain-wave-project.com) is trying, in connection with the scientific section of the Organisation Scientifique et Technique du Vol à Voile, to carry out targeted research on internal gravity waves…