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Rikki – An Affordable New Glider Trailer from Germany

Well, there aren’t exactly a terrible lot of options between brand new trailers (which are all perfectly fine but can cost more than some club-class planes) and the “sh*`!” that was in front of me. I also didn’t feel like paying more than 5.000 Euros for a 20-plus year old clam shell trailer, but calm shell still was a must. So, I decided to get to work.

DG Sailplanes June Newsletter-A Checklist for Your Trailer

DG Flugzeugbau’s June newsletter was just released. This month’s feature article is all about preparing your trailer and making sure that it’s properly maintained. Also included: News about the LS-10’s performance in the 2012 Hahnweide Competition, a DG-1001 demonstrator for sale, and a beautiful photo of the month.

How to Pull a Camper and a Glider to a Contest

It all started with a simple principle; if you are going to do it, it has to be overboard. The evolution of my tow vehicles: My first tow vehicle was an Econo line van, blue, white, and rust. With a window air conditioner mounted in the passenger window for camping in Waynesville OH. The common…

Latest Developments at the Cobra Trailer Factory

Alfred and Agnes Spindelberger of  Alfred Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH in Germany recently shared the latest developments regarding their Cobra brand of trailers. As an owner of several trailers over the years (both Cobra and other brands) the features and attention to detail were definitely worth a closer look. According to the pilot couple, the current…