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2013 Senior Nationals, Day 4

Well, it wasn’t quite as cold this morning, so we didn’t have any more snowball fights or ice-writings on glider wings, but it was still chilly enough that the more sane among us were wearing proper clothing (that would be jeans, long-sleeved shirt with T-shirt underneath, a lightweight parka with the hood up, and gloves)…

2013 Senior (aka Polar Bear) Nationals Day 3, Take Two

March 15, 2013, Seminole Florida, USA It’s COLD down here!  Everybody (with the possible exception of wingman BZ who insists on wearing shorts) was walking around with jackets on and hoods pulled up.  When Jim Garrison and Ben Johnson (T) pulled up to their Duo, Ron Ridenour (CGC, also a Duo) threw a snowball at…

2012 Competition Season Starts at Seminole

I’m sitting in my micro-castle at Seminole Lake Gliderport, getting ready to start my soaring season tomorrow. I rolled in this morning and have spent the day getting set up and ready for Russel Brown to annual my ship in the morning. Oh yes, and watching an absolutely beautiful soaring day go by in the process ;-).