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Flarm Thoughts After the 2012 Racing Season

First, (to paraphrase a late infamous U.S. president) let me be perfectly clear about this. I am not a Flarm expert (although I do have an advanced degree in RF propagation theory and was an active antenna designer/researcher in a a past life).  I have no financial or other interest in Flarm outside that of…

PowerFLARM Rental Program in the U.S.

In an effort to fulfill Dale Kramer’s MIRA (mandatory if rentals are available) vision to have nearly 100% participation in contests, a handful of generous, farsighted and proactive pilots have donated funds for the purchase of portable PowerFlarm units to be administered through a rental program directed by Rex Mayes.

Status Update on FLARM for USA

We are well aware that we have stressed the patience of our fellow pilots with repeated delays and would like to apologize for this. Here’s the status as of Monday 16-May-2011. First, the good news. The portable PowerFLARM is shipping to GA pilots in Europe, with close to 500 already delivered, and initial customer feedback…