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Four Days in May

The first four days of May had some spectacularly good soaring weather in Norway. I spent the days at Notodden, where the longest flights in Norway were flown. One of the days four of the five longest flights in the world were flown by us!

[Video] Soaring the Mountains of Norway

I would like to share with you a spectacular HD soaring video from the Norwegian mountains last week. The video was made at the autumn soaring camp at Bjorli, Norway. Even though the great wave conditions we were hoping for never materialized, it was soarable every day the entire week, with some good thermals most days, and ridge lift and weak wave the other days.

908 km Scandinavian Record Flight

Øyvind Moe on Tuesday took off from Hokksund (west of Oslo), then crossed the 150 km stretch of ocean over to Denmark (though he did use the engine for some of the over-water crossing), before eventually landing at the Danish national gliding center at Arnborg. But that, and a short ferry flight to the Danish island of Anholt, was just the preparation.

[Video] Wave Soaring from a Frozen Lake

Here is a soaring video which shows something a little different, which might interest you and your readers—wave soaring from a frozen lake in the Norwegian mountains! This is from the 2013 Vågå wavecamp which was held this week (http://www.wavecamp.no/). Even if spring is approaching fast, isn’t it interesting to see that great flights can be had in winter, even in the far north of Norway? :-)”