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Competitive Soaring: Brigliadori Distilled

As presented at the SSA Convention in Reno, NV I have attached my presentation below.  It is a distillation of Leo and Ricky Brigliadori’s book Competing in Gliders.  Additionally I am working on a version that includes the audio of my talk.  Please feel free to email me with your questions and comments so that we can all continue to learn how to fly faster.

Keep flying, especially with the stick full forward.
Michael “BK”

(To view the presentation, click the Play button in the window below, select MORE, then FULL SCREEN in the lower right corner)

Calcuating Trigger Time

The last post covered the process of calculate trigger temperature and the mechanics of the atmosphere that are underway as the day heats up and thermals start. Today’s post will cover how to estimate what time the surface temperature will reach trigg…