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Upcoming SSA Convention Coverage at the Café

If you can attend the 2014 SSA Convention in Reno, we strongly encourage you to do so, but if you can’t, we’ll try our best to be your surrogate eyes and ears. Our convention coverage begins Thursday, February 27th, so follow us on Twitter @SoaringCafe or watch for our daily (and hourly) reports on FaceBook. Longer posts will appear later on the Café website

2014 SSA Convention in Reno

From the May 15, 2013 edition of SSA eNews… “Mark your calendars! Because the 2012 Convention was such a success, the SSA Convention will be held once again in Reno, Nevada February 25-March 1, 2014. There will be a [Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic] FIRC sponsored by the Soaring Safety Foundation on February 25-26 and a…