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Martin Lessle says:

Well done SA pilots and crew, and take note you are with the best so it is not easy, but most of all enjoy yourselfs, that is when the fun starts and you will do well.

Lima One says:

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Hou moed – julle vaar uitstekend, maar die kompetisie is hard, die tweede helfte van die comp. sal optel. Geniet dit, dit is n voorreg!

DrG says:

DrG, results are being posted on Soaring Spot at http://www.soaringspot.com/wgc20112/results/ Yup, that is where I have found nothing yet – and it is midnight there already…

Ron Clarke says:

To ALL the team – Keep up the great work .You deserve much credit for the excellent performance of the pilots so far , and as well that of the JS- 1’s which are getting much favorable attention. It was fantastic to meet the team it re-affirms my respec…