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[Videos] WGC 2012 Prize-Giving and Closing Ceremonies

The 32nd World Gliding Championship has come and gone. For thirteen days, the best soaring pilots in the world enjoyed all-out racing in the unique and fabulous soaring conditions of West Texas. Uvalde offered up its best weather to the best pilots, but on Sunday, August 19th, the sky just couldn’t hold back anymore, and the rains finally came.

[Video] US Team Presentation to TC Dennis Linnekin

After this morning’s pilots’ meeting, the US Team pilots met, as usual, in their team office. When Dick Butler entered the room, he received a round of applause for his win on day 12. In the video, he acknowledges the sacrifices his teammate Ron Tabery has made throughout the contest to help him go faster. Also at the meeting, US 18 meter pilot Bill Elliott presented a beautiful sculpture to Team Captain Dennis Linnekin in appreciation for his service and dedication to the team.

[Video] Dick Butler Wins Day 12 in Concordia!

The U.S. Team was elated on 17 August when Dick Butler posted the fastest speed in the open class and won the day—for the second time in this contest. He was obviously delighted with his flight, as was his teammate, Ron Tabery (SS), who ended up a mere two points behind Dick and in second place for the day.

[Video] Day 11 15-18 Meter Grid

On Thursday, the 15 and 18 meter pilots, crews, and tow pilots were plagued with frequent dust clouds while waiting to launch. In the video, you can see the blowing dust and crews valiantly trying to keep wings and canopies clean before launch.

1991 Uvalde WGC Photos

We thank Markus Gayda for these photos that he took at the 1991 World Gliding Championships in Uvalde. We also thank Frederic Morel for pointing us to a nine-minute video of the 1991 event. We’ve posted the video in the photo/video gallery section in the upper left corner of the Café home page, but you can also click here to view it.