Patience, patience….

I had tonsillectomy at the end of June but after that I felt great (just pain in my throat, but no fever, etc.) So, one week later, I decided to fly again as I felt super-healthy… although I was a bit tired. No surprise, it is natural after a surgery.


We had a task called “VII/3” and it means that I should fly 180 minutes. However, the task is succesful after 120 minutes. Before my tonsillectomy I flew 150 minutes so it was successful, but if I want to get a Glider Pilot Licence I should fly 180 minutes–150 minutes are not enough. I have another plan for the summer: I also need a certificate that I can do aerotow. So after 180 minutes in the air I can do this course and than I get my Licence!


However, at the moment I should make a clean brest of my mistakes. I have made some mistakes recently… so here is my plea agreement:

“I am a perfectionist. Plus, I have my head in the clouds. (I often believe that I can do anything the first time.) I tend to be very nervous when I have a goal but I cannot reach it. If I don’t find a thermal after the first winch, I will be more pessimistic when I do the second.
I don’t have much experience and I often feel hesitation. I usually compare myself with professional pilots in the club. You can guess what will be the result… Moreover, I am not happy if I have to fly in one thermal with a professional. It’s so difficult to concentrate on the other person and on the thermal. Almost impossible

So after this artistic phrasing of my afflictions I believe that I must do something to help myself and to stop worrying over these things. I made a small plan (a list) to improve the situation.

  1. Condor:  If the weather is not ideal for soaring, I can practice with the help of this computer programme. It seems to be a good idea to train here for the “aerotow course”. There is just one flaw: I don’t have pedals so it is more difficult to control the rudder with the button “x” and “y”.
  2. Theoretical knowledge:  I confess that after the winter theroetical course I didn’t read a single letter in the book for beginner glider pilots. But it is an important part of the pratice. Maybe the most important.
  3. Self-recognition:  It’s the hardest. I should forget these kind of stupidities:
    “Godness, it was just 150 mins. I should have ignored my illness and flew more.”
    “The other pilot was successful, he could fly a thermal. It’s a lost cause.”
    “The first winch was unsuccessful. The second will be unsuccesful too. I won’t find any thermals. The weather is… okay, it’s not bad. But I’m not talented enough to deal with this task.”

So all in all, what would happen if I would enjoy gliding without any nervousness? Maybe nothing…