U.S. National Speed Triangle Record

Jackie Payne reports that her husband Jim and his co-pilot Dennis Tito took off at sunrise today, April 22, 2014, after declaring a 521 km speed triangle.

Dennis and Tito finally found a wee bit of wave and worked it to 17,500 feet. The link below is for the inReach with altitude. It didn't "handshake" on the ground at Rosamond. Airborne over Pontious (a small dirt strip north of Rosamond) the inReach started to track. The Spot started tracking at Rosamond. So they are unfortunately on different web pages.


If all paperwork goes ok, looks like 135 kph for a 521 km triangle. That should beat two US national multi-place triangle speed records. Had clouds to contend with on first turn point where they lost 9000 feet. Had 80 kts headwinds to overcome after second turn point. Had clouds around the finish point to duck under. Otherwise he said they could have been faster. They plan for an easy afternoon on Earth Day.

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  1. tony condon
    April 22, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Bravo Dennis and Jim!

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