Eagleville Soaring Club Discusses Soaring with McGavock High School [Video]

Eagleville Soaring Club was a guest at the aviation class at McGavock High School in Nashville Tenn, Nov 19, 2012, to talk to the aviation class about soaring and natural flight.  McGavock  has a full flight and ground school that is funded by the state.  The class was very excited to sit in Bob's ASW-27.   Jimmy Pogue, Jere Matty, Joe G, (member's of the soaring club) and I were also there to add to Bob's very detailed discussion of his experience of soaring.   Maybe we will see some of the students come down to  Eagleville Gliderport to "see what soaring is all about", (a famous statement of Bill Mcfarland) and maybe add new members to our club.

Ron Murphy


Eagleville Soaring Club at McGavock High School from Ron Murphy on Vimeo.