Flying with the Concordia

I had the extreme pleasure of flying with Dick Butler today along side his new Concordia.  His new ship is absolutely gorgeous!  The weather was fabulous with a 6,000' cloudbase, 5 kt lift and nice streets.  Ted Beckwith gave us a tow and we were off flying in the local area while DB flies off his first hours.

Sorry for the quality of the photos ... best I could do with my Android since my good point and shoot camera was dead.

The Concordia was climbing well and cruising even better.  Butler, Waibel, Boermans and Dillinger have done a amazing job and clearly (at least to me) the Concordia is a success.

A great day indeed.  Here I am putting away my ship by moonlight.

Back in the Box by Moonlight (photo by Beverly Beckwith)


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  1. Lee Harrison
    June 8, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    I’m very interested, and very impressed by the Concordia and its development. I assume that the the objective from the beginning was to compete in this year’s WSC, and to get the ship flying about 6 weeks before the contest … impressive and daunting all at the same time. This sure won’t be the first barely-hatched open-class glider to compete at a WSC (Moffat’s nimbus at Marfa certainly comes to mind!) … but taking a ship to a competition with this little time to sort it out and tune it (and one’s self) up … tough.

    I understand why Dick and all the people working on this aren’t chattering to us lookiloos … but we are interested, wish them the best.

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